Friday, August 22, 2014

Lubbock Country Club opens its doors to our members and guests with that extra touch that reflects our hospitality and an ambiance of gracious living. 

Corporate Memberships

Associate Firm
Full Privileges: Golf, Tennis, Pool, and all Clubhouse Facilities
Initiation fee is $2500+ down and $2500 stock paid out in monthly payments within 3 years. Once stock is paid out, the Associate Firm converts to a full Stockholder Firm membership with voting privileges. Stock may be sold if the Firm needs to leave the Club. Firm members have the privilege of owning up to three Under-Firm memberships. Under-Firm memberships may be transferred among company executives for a transfer fee or temporarily inactivated.   Monthly dues $353++

Under-Firm (non-equity)
Full Privileges without voting: Golf, Tennis, Pool, and all Clubhouse facilities
Initiation fee is $2500+.  Monthly dues $353++

++ plus $25 standard service charge and sales tax
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